Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vote for Torin St. James

Okay so Torin made it into the top 6 in the Indie category.  I want to ask everyone who reads this blog to help me get him to number one.  All you have to do is vote on June 10th.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Vote for Torin St. James and Bran Llyr

ok everyone Torin St.  James is in the top 10.  So lets get him voted to the very top.  If you haven't voted than go here and vote for Torin St.  James and Bran Llyr.
So this is the leader board so far:
Current leaders:

Updated 5/24/13
1.  Daemon Black/Lux
2.  Dank Walker/Exsistence
3. Aiden/Covenant
4.  Aiden Arrington/Keatyn Chronicles
5. Dante Walker/The Collector
6. Micah/Mythology
7. Tristan/GYP
8.  Chase Williams/The Protector 
9. Elias/One
10.  Torin St. James/Runes