Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hunted to be released

Well everyone. For the moment that I have been waiting for. Hunted by Ednah Walters is being released on April 2nd. I am so happy and I can not wait to see what Ednah has in store for us fans in this next installment to the Guardian Legacy series.
Product description from Amazon:
Bran and Lil may have escaped an attempt to lure Lil to the dark side, and recovered the contracts damned people signed with Bran when he was a soul collector, but someone forgot to tell them that no one switches sides or cancels contracts without consequences.

Hunted by an unknown but powerful enemy, Lil, Bran and the Guardians must seek help from unlikely sources to avert total annihilation of the Guardians. When they finally face their enemy, one of them may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.
So everyone go out and pre order this great novel

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