Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interview with Sykes

Character Interview with Sykes from Betrayed by Ednah Walters

I am dizzy with excitement today! Why the EXTRA crazy you ask? Because today I have an interview with the delectable Sykes from Ednah Walters' book Betrayed. After the interview, once you've had your cold shower, I'll give you my review of the book and some great links to check out.

Jeannette (opens the door): Sykes, welcome to my…ooh...chocolate.

Sykes: I was told you were a chocolate-eating-sweet-tea-drinking-sassy bookaholic, so I found the best chocolate this side of the world.

Jeannette: Thank you. Please, have a seat. Would you like some tea?

Sykes: I’ll pass, but I’ll have a hug. (Sykes hugs her)

Jeannette: Let me guess. You love hugs?

Sykes: The best excuse to get a pretty woman into my arms without their men getting antsy.

Jeannette (laughs and wiggles out of his arms): You are impossible and I’ll have you know I’m a happily married woman. I was told you’d try to charm your way out of answering my questions.

Sykes (amber eyes widen as he gives her an innocent smile): Me? I tend to charm my way into…you know…things, not out of them.

Jeannette: Okay, you naughty man. Sit and let’s catch up. (Jeannette grins as he reclines on a chair, skin visible through various rips on his jeans, expensive canvas shoes a bit chaffed and a tank shirt that showed his masculine arms)

Sykes (wiggles his brows): You keep staring at me like that and I’ll forget you are married.

Jeannette (blushes): Okay. Let’s get started. Tell us, what is the one thing a girl can do to melt that tough guy exterior?

Sykes: Tough? Me? I think I need an image adjustment. I’m the easiest going guy around here. I mean, have you met Bran and Remy? *rolls his eyes* Talk about intense and anal.

Jeannette: What kind of girl will it take to tame you?
Besides Lil, of course.

Sykes: There will be no taming me. I’m me—take me as I am or leave me alone kind of guy. Lil is, uh… *sighs*…she would like to see me change, become more serious, but that’s not me.

Jeannette: If Bran wasn’t around, would you chase her?

Sykes (chuckles): Absolutely. I’m old fashion that way. I believe in doing the courting.

Jeannette (laughs): Nice. So how do you feel about southern girls?

Sykes: Classy. Charming. Love them. Actually, my secret is I love girls, period. It doesn’t matter what size, color or height. Girls…women are fascinating.

Jeannette: Once the war is over, if it ever is, what do you dream about doing?

Sykes (stops smiling and sits up): Is that a trick question? This war is never ending.

Jeannette: But what if?

Sykes (shakes his head): I’m a hunter. It’s what I do best. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Jeannette: What do you do when not hunting?

Sykes: I hang out with Remy and the gang, or the girl I’m dating.

Jeannette: Do you think, or hope, Ednah will do a spin-off series about you? I gotta tell ya, I’m really hoping so.

Sykes (stares into space with nostalgic expression): It would be nice to meet a woman that can make me forget about…stuff. (Flashes a smile, the brief bad mood forgotten) Of course. She’d better find me a mate in a year or so. No, make it three years. I still need to find myself.

Jeannette: Does that mean you’re lost?

Sykes (winks): Would you like to find out? I’m free this weekend.

Jeannette (laughs): Don’t tempt me. If you could meet one person past, present or future, who would it be?

Sykes: In my world? The Goddess Xenia. In your world? Kurt Cobain. I love Nirvana.

Jeannette: Ok, tell us one thing, one secret, about Sykes that no one else knows. Something that gives us a little more insight to the guy you are.

Sykes: Promise not to tell?

Jeannette: Promise.

Sykes: I’m a bookaholic just like you. Espionage…murder mystery…courtroom drama…poetry. Only Remy knows about it and he swore not to tell. If the girls find out, it will spoil my image.

Jeannette: Which is what?

Sykes (grins): A semi-illiterate, ignorant slacker. Haven’t you noticed how Izzy is always yapping at me to read more?

Jeannette (laughs): I have. Well, I’m happy you are not semi-illiterate or a slacker. I promise to keep your little secret too.

Sykes (stands up): Thank you. Now I’ll have one more hug before I leave. Duty calls.

Sykes holds Jeannette just a little longer then steps back. Am I allowed to kiss you too?

Jeannette: My hubby might start world war three if you did.

Sykes (laughs): Then I’d better go. I hope we meet again, Jeannette.

~Sigh~ Well, he melts me faster than hot pan melts butter! Whew!! Ok, please check out my review below and do your best to wipe the tongue streaks off your monitor. Oh, come on! You know you what you did. Bahahaha!

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