Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meet Sykes

Race: Nephilim
Age: 18
Birthday: February 14th
Zodiac sign: Aquarian
Grade: 12th
GPA: 3.8
Favorite Song: “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi
Power: Energy
Background: Nephilim with the ability to manipulate energy to create energy balls out of thin air. The most powerful of them creates alpha balls, destructive energy orbs capable of great destruction. Because of the destructive nature of their abilities, Energy Guardians rarely use their ability during training unless in a closed environment.
Sykes is a first generation Cardinal, meaning he is the first person in her family to become a Guardian. Unlike the others, he thrives on breaking Cardinals rules. In fact, his hero is Cardinal Falcon, who is also known to bend and break rules.
Sykes has an edgy charm that makes him irresistible. He attracts the spotlight and has a wacky sense of humor. Friendship is easy for him, and so he doesn’t work at it. Romance is easy for him too and he loves women, which means, he changes girlfriends often.
Sykes is an only child and proud of it. Like the other Guardians, he grew up in Xenith, the Guardian world before she moved to earth.  He loves to party and dance, partly because he’s always hooking up with some girl. He has a calculated image of hobo chic—worn out jeans and canvas shoes, and washed out T-shirts.
At six-three with his blond hair complexion and hazel eyes, he is handsome without trying and knows it.
Casting Call: I had an image of Sykes when I started writing the series and we’ll see if you agree….Green Arrow from Smallville.

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  1. I'm in total lust..err I mean love!! Ednah, please do a series for my Sykes! And if he found the love of his life..a girl named Jeannette, that would be awesome! Just sayin'