Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meet Cardinal Falcon


Race: Nephilim

Age: 280

Birthday: January 4th

Zodiac sign: Capricorns

Power: Psi and empathy

Background: Cardinal Guardians are the most powerful of all Guardians. They have powers that exceed those of an average Guardian. They can control water, solids, air, energy, the mind (psi) and time. Cardinal Falcon is the leader of the senior Cardinals. As a Psi, he can move things with his mind (telekinesis), do mind control (power of persuasion) and get memories from someone’s mind (Image retrieval). As an empath, he feels other people’s emotions when his shield is down, something he passed on to his only grandchild, Lil.

Cardinal Falcon believes in family and the power of love, which explains why he fell in love with a human and refused to give up on their love, and later chose to live outside the Guardian enclave when the High Council couldn’t protect his family. He could be a renegade and is known to defy their leaders in Xenith for something he believes in or for his family. He is a fair leader who listens to the others and encourages input from the other senior Cardinals and the junior Cardinals/trainees.

Since the death of his wife, the cardinal has not shown interest in being mated to another female, but Lil keeps hoping a certain female senior Cardinal Guardian would choose him. As a rule, Cardinal Ares has no interest in modern technology. He collects books and has a collection that is museum-worthy. The only time he picks up a magazine or newspaper is if something supernatural has happened and ended up in the tabloids.

Cardinal Ares is loving and a doting grandfather. He treats younger Cardinals as he would his only grandchild, but he has high expectations from all of them. He has a wacky sense of humor and tends to tease those he loves. He also loves to cook and is often in the kitchen when he is not hunting.

At six-foot-three, with long graying hair, a goatee and piercing black eyes, and in great physical shape with very little wrinkles, he cuts a dashing figure. By human standards, he could pass for a man in his fifties.

Casting Call: if I were to cast Cardinal Falcon, I’d use Jeff Bridges.

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