Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meet Remy

Race: Nephilim
Age: 18
Birthday: Jan 15th
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Grade: 12th
GPA: 4.0
Favorite Song: “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck
Power: Earth

Background: Nephilim with the ability to manipulate any solid are called Earth Guardians. They can transform solids from one object to another, change shape, texture and elements. Most often they have to touch the object to transform them.

Remy is a first generation Cardinal. Like Sykes and Izzy, he is the first person in his family to become a Guardian. He is serious, introverted and takes his role as the co-leader of the teen Guardians seriously. He is steady, supportive and friendly, but keeps his emotions on a tight leash, which make him a good leader and the perfect friend to the more unpredictable Sykes. He doesn’t let people get too close, but once he makes friends, he stays loyal.

Remy comes from a family with four girls. He’s the middle child and the only boy in the family, so he is used to mediating fights. As a result, he is very good at calming a roomful of teen Guardians with big egos and is an objective and sympathetic listener. Like most Guardians, Remy grew up in Xenith, the Guardian world, before he moved to earth.

Remy hangs out with Sykes at clubs although he is more discrete with the girls he dates. He is an elegant dresser, but he is officially a prepster—a cross between preppy and hipster. Meaning he can rock skinny jeans with boat shoes, or skinny Nantucket red jeans, cardigans, and keds. He has the ability to flow seamlessly between the two scenes, adopting the traditional seersucker and polos while home, and looking very trendy at parties.

With his golden complexion, six-foot-two athletic body and grey eyes, Remy is gorgeous in an understated way. He keeps his hair cut short though he went through a phase when he tried to grow a moustache and a goatee.

Casting Call: You decide what Remy looks like to you but there is only one actor who comes close to his smoldering good looks and that is Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy).

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