Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meet Kylie


Race: Human

Age: 16

Birthday: November 16th

Zodiac sign: Scorpion

Grade: 10th

GPA: 3.3 (she sucks at math)

Favorite Song: “I’m Alive” by Becca

Power: Medium

Background: Mediums are humans with the ability to bridge the gap between the ‘supernatural world’ and the human world, which means Kylie can hear telepathed communications. She is like an antenna, a beacon any Nephilim can use to channel their energy and their thoughts.

Kylie can be sarcastic and super cynical, but also very loyal to her friends, Lil and Nikki, and she easily welcomed McKenzie into their little group even though she can’t stand her. She’s lived in Cache Valley all her life. Her dad works at a local meat packing company and her mother is a stay-at-home mother who helps out at a local pre-school. She has one brother.

Kylie’s Celtic blood might be the source of her amazing ability, but whether she will embrace this new gift or not is another story. As Lil’s best friend, she could be the only human aware of the existence of the Guardians in the valley.

Kylie is kind of anti-social. She prefers just being alone with her boyfriend Cade or her friends watching movies with supernatural elements. She might not admit it to her brainiac brother, but she also loves sci-fi and superheroes movies. She introduced Lil to Smallville and Star-Trek.

She hates anything trendy, which includes techno music, books and movies people line up for hours to buy and watch. Her favorite book series is Emily the Strange, though she will read anything with zombies or apocalyptic theme. Her favorite food is pizza and she loves Frappuccino.

Casting Call: I have an image of Kylie though I will leave it to readers to decide what she looks like to them. At five-two, not exactly skinny, pixie face, grey eyes and brown hair dyed black, Kylie went through a phase when she wore Goth make-up after school. So if I were to cast her, I’d use Mae Whitman or Ellen Page.

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